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Going Home

Going Home

All of the loss from the weekend has really got me thinking of what God is trying to tell me. I do believe Gods promise in Romans 8:28 and I am always looking for his answers. Most people want to know the details of everything that has happened. I want to know what God is up to! Believe me, when I say, He doesn’t make mistakes!

I thank You, God, for my wife and my kids. I thank you for a wife strong enough to put up with all of my whining and complainings. I told her that I loved her just a few minutes ago. I thank you for kids that are not perfect, but do love you. I will hug all of my kids today. I thank you for another day on this earth to make a difference in someone’s life. I thank you for another day with my parents. I think I will call them right now!

We must realize that we are all one step from going home. Tomorrow is not promised. As our friends and family have gone home, we too must prepare our hearts for the day we meet Jesus.

If you are searching for the good in everything that happens, you will most definitely find it. It’s his promise, not mine.

Romans 8:28 New Living Translation (NLT) And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

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One Accord

The challenge of marriage is to take two people that come from totally different families and you blend them into one accord. The only way you become in one accord is though the work of the Holy Spirit. So it is not surprising to me that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. To tap into what the Holy Spirit has for you one must first of all pray and read scripture on a regular basis. Going to church frequently and gathering with a group of believers is also a must.

I spent most of my childhood and half of my adult life trying to make it on my own. My dad never seemed to need God. I don’t know how much he has read the Bible, but I know from what I have read that I will not make it to where I am aiming without help from Jesus. I often fall short of His glory (most days), but I know that He is merciful, gracious, loving, and is quick to forgive me if I will seek His face and repent.

Mandy on the other hand had godly parents guiding her through her childhood. Still to this day she has spiritual leaders in her parents. Though this was great help to her, she still has issues like the rest of us to deal with every day. If she doesn’t seek Him each day and hold tight to the hope that He will save her, then she too will be part of the 50 percentile above.

One of the main ways Mandy and I let each other know that we trust in God is that we pray together daily. Did you know that your chances of divorce go down to 8% if you pray together daily? It was really awkward for me at first. I have found over time that is has strengthened my faith.

One accord to me is two people who believe in God that pray together daily and are working in their gifts in a local church. Take your relationship to the next level and your percentages down by coming into one accord with your spouse. Things will not always go perfectly, but you will have what you need to make it through anything that comes your way.

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