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One Accord

The challenge of marriage is to take two people that come from totally different families and you blend them into one accord. The only way you become in one accord is though the work of the Holy Spirit. So it is not surprising to me that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. To tap into what the Holy Spirit has for you one must first of all pray and read scripture on a regular basis. Going to church frequently and gathering with a group of believers is also a must.

I spent most of my childhood and half of my adult life trying to make it on my own. My dad never seemed to need God. I don’t know how much he has read the Bible, but I know from what I have read that I will not make it to where I am aiming without help from Jesus. I often fall short of His glory (most days), but I know that He is merciful, gracious, loving, and is quick to forgive me if I will seek His face and repent.

Mandy on the other hand had godly parents guiding her through her childhood. Still to this day she has spiritual leaders in her parents. Though this was great help to her, she still has issues like the rest of us to deal with every day. If she doesn’t seek Him each day and hold tight to the hope that He will save her, then she too will be part of the 50 percentile above.

One of the main ways Mandy and I let each other know that we trust in God is that we pray together daily. Did you know that your chances of divorce go down to 8% if you pray together daily? It was really awkward for me at first. I have found over time that is has strengthened my faith.

One accord to me is two people who believe in God that pray together daily and are working in their gifts in a local church. Take your relationship to the next level and your percentages down by coming into one accord with your spouse. Things will not always go perfectly, but you will have what you need to make it through anything that comes your way.

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Three Essential Threads to Marriage

I learned the three essential threads that keep your marriage healthy from a very wise Raymon Davis about fourteen years ago. Communication, money, and sex were the topics we discussed during our pre-marital counseling. Little did I know that all of these topics would play a big role in my wife, Mandy, and me, staying together through some very hard times.  

Money was the most challenging of all of the three for the first eight years of our marriage. Until I was faced with an ultimatum from the Lord during the reading of the Word and prayer time in 2011, it was a major struggle. Before 2011 I gave to the church periodically. I would give a little here and a little there. You have to understand that I was not brought up with a spiritual leader in my home, so I had no idea even what genuine tithing really was. Then the Lord nudged me one day and told me to give the whole tithe or do not give at all. From this day late fall of 2011 to this day I have been giving faithfully.

What is giving faithfully to me you might ask? 10% of my gross income! Not knowing what to give, I asked a few people (that I really respected) to give me their thoughts on tithing and I got a few different answers. But this one person asked me a question that has stuck with me until this day. What do you want to be blessed? Everything was my answer. So tithe on everything he said.

My brother-in-law asked me (some time ago) if I had any trouble paying my bills when I first started to tithe. The funny thing is that before I started to tithe, I did not have enough money left over after I paid my bills to tithe, but I never once (since the day I started) missed a single payment. Since then both my wife’s salaries and mine have doubled and Malachi 3:10 is being fulfilled in our life on a daily basis. Soon we will be debt free. I have tested the Lord in this and he has opened the floodgates of heaven.

I said all of that to say this...if you believe that Jesus died on the cross and is who he says he is, then tithing is a sign of this belief. Start proclaiming Malachi 3:10 over your finances and let the Lord show you who he really is! He will not let you down, my friend.

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