Covenant Community Church

Pastor Michael uses this message to begin to answer the question, what is truth? Over the next three weeks, he will dive into the difficult topics that are trending in our culture right now to give us the tools we need to respond and help our children navigate these topics.

Two Estranged Sons

Pastor Andrew Harris breaks down the parable of the prodigal son allowing us to take a deep look into the character and behavior of each son and also of the loving father. This story gives us the opportunity of identifying our own areas of weakness to encourage us to grow spiritually.

What's Trending

What are you reflecting on? In a time where we are the most connected, we seem to be so disconnected, isolated, and consumed with comparison in our social media-driven culture. Pastor Jeremy Hargis shares from the story of David and Goliath to help us conquer our own Goliath.

Trending - Part 1

Pastor Michael shares about Iran and how it relates to the Bible in the last days in this new series called Trending.

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