Covenant Community Church

Simplify - Part 7

Pastor Michael shares on how to guard your life concerning investing into other people.

simplify - Part 6

Fear is the fundamental barrier to peace.

Simplify - Part 5

Pastor Michael continues the Simplify series teaching on the 6 principles of forgiveness.

Simplify - Part 4

Being able to enjoy your job is actually a blessing from God. When you complete a task that adds value to your life, it will bring you more confidence.

Simplify - Part 3

Learn to live a life that is free of condemnation, guilt and stress in regards to your finances. God has a plan for you to live without begin overwhelmed...find out more. #SimplifyCCC

Simplify - Part 2

Ryan Gibson uses a clip from Bill Hybel's teaching and a clip from War Room to illustrate the importance of scheduling our time with God before anything else and as we do that we will grow closer to God and have a more powerful prayer life. #simplifyccc

Simplify - Part 1

How do you simplify your life in this busy world?

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