Covenant Community Church

Keep it Together - Part 2

Pastor Andrew Harris teaches on how to build sacred families by using the account of Mary and Martha to demonstrate the difference between two different mindsets and how Jesus responds to them.

Chase the Lion - Part 4

Andrew Harris breaks down the account of Benaiah from 2 Sam 23:19-21. He shares three standout characteristics to help us apply the Biblical truths found in Benaiah's life.

God and Money - Part 1

Pastor Andrew lays the foundation for this new series and talks about the deceitfulness of money.

Pastor Andrew Harris shares the account of Lazarus to help us understand the process of waiting on the Lord and why this is a critical time to stay connected to Him and His Word.

Psalm 1

Pastor Andrew Harris unpacks Psalm 1 to inspire us to draw closer to God and reflect His image.

Two Estranged Sons

Pastor Andrew Harris breaks down the parable of the prodigal son allowing us to take a deep look into the character and behavior of each son and also of the loving father. This story gives us the opportunity of identifying our own areas of weakness to encourage us to grow spiritually.


Often times throughout your life, you will find yourself in a place of bewilderment. Andrew Harris encourages us with the ministry of hope that is available to all who seek to find it. 

Increase My Joy - Part 2

Andrew Harris shares personal real-life examples showing us how to build our lives on the foundation of the Gospel message in order to find and discover the pathway to producing unending joy in our lives.

The Distinction of Belief

Life is comprised of dualistic tensions - a reality for everyone. Desert-like conditions are a necessity in our lives. Find out why they exist and how they will propel you into blessings and God's promises.

Amazing Faith

Andrew Harris shares two scenarios in scripture, both which amazed Jesus, and asks you to ponder on which of these two accounts you find yourself leaning towards. Let this teaching give you a fresh awareness of His goodness and take you to a place of amazing faith in Him.


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