Covenant Community Church

Pastor Michael lays out the vision strategy, plans, and goals for 2019.


Are you hoping something new, something different? If you are, then this is the message that you need to hear! 

Crossfit - Part 7 - July 22, 2018

The Word became flesh....the impersonal became personal. What does that mean for us today? How can we follow the example of Jesus Christ today to impact our world and win the lost to Christ? Find out in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

Crossfit - Part 2

There is nothing more powerful than keeping a pure heart. Pastor Michael tackles the issues of what keeps your heart unhealthy in the second part message of our Crossfit series. 

The Good Life - Part 5

Changing your words can change your world. Find out why the tongue is so powerful.

As we travel through this journey to love God and to show others love we have to look at love and truly define what it is and what it is not. There are depths to love that we must analyze in order to truly accept it and express it.

What is Wisdom - Oct 30, 2016

What is wisdom? How do you get it? Wisdom can be found through a direct relationship and encounter with God but it requires something. Find out in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

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