Covenant Community Church

Marriage - Part 2

Find out how to build an incredible marriage and build a home that satan cannot divide. In this teaching, Pastor Michael discusses the differences between men and woman and how they each communicate. 

Trusting After the Tree - Part 3

The one who finds life in God finds joy, peace, healthy walk, and lives in God's will. Find out more in this teaching.

Amazing Faith

Andrew Harris shares two scenarios in scripture, both which amazed Jesus, and asks you to ponder on which of these two accounts you find yourself leaning towards. Let this teaching give you a fresh awareness of His goodness and take you to a place of amazing faith in Him.

The Salt of the Earth

What does it mean to be the salt of the earth? Jeremy Hargis breaks it down in such a powerful yet simple way. 

The Manner in Which You See Christ

Are storms really necessary in your life?  What purpose do storms have in our life? Find out in this teaching by Andrew Harris what the Gospel's agenda is for our life, the role that storms play, and how our perspective changes everything.

Glorious Unfolding - Part 4

The enemy tries to take our identity to keep us manipulated and abused. We have to accept responsibility for our decisions in order to live in victory and access an extraordinary future.

Remaining Faithful

Pastor Michael shares insightful steps to take when you are being tested and when you are being accused by the enemy. Sometimes God calms the storms but sometimes He calms you through the storm to strengthen you. God isn't intimated by your circumstances but He does want you to always remain faithful.

How to Please God

Pastor Michael shares a little from his experience in Jerusalem and how it is easy to do the right thing and not please God - there is a way to please God... find out more in this teaching.

There are many people that are missing Christmas this year. There are many people that have allowed the cares and worries of this world to choke Christmas out of their lives. Pastor Michael breaks down Matthew 2 and details the three different types of people that miss Christmas.

Pastor Jeremy Hargis continues in the teaching of what it means to be a disciple, focusing on the 5th dimension: Pursue biblical principles for living. He helps us understand that a true disciple of Christ has a passion for understanding how the Bible has relevance in contemporary issues and how to apply it to our lives today.


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