Covenant Community Church

Don't Feed the Wildlife - Part 3

Pastor Andrew Harris shares the account of Lazarus to help us understand the process of waiting on the Lord and why this is a critical time to stay connected to Him and His Word.

Pastor Michael uses this message to begin to answer the question, what is truth? Over the next three weeks, he will dive into the difficult topics that are trending in our culture right now to give us the tools we need to respond and help our children navigate these topics.

Love is the Main Thing

Pastor Michael shares a message about love.

Study of Judas

Pastor Michael does a character study on Judas.

Living Water

Jeremy Hargis shares an encouraging message from John 5.

Increase My Joy - Part 2

Andrew Harris shares personal real-life examples showing us how to build our lives on the foundation of the Gospel message in order to find and discover the pathway to producing unending joy in our lives.

Trusting After the Tree - Part 4

Learn four essentials steps to getting closer to God.

Loving God

What is our response to a loving God? Find out in this teaching by Jeremy Hargis.

The Good Life - Part 4

The doctrine of love is the most difficult to understand. Find out what it means in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.


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