Covenant Community Church

Every one of us has issues. We all have things that we are praying for and seeking God for answers. God has promised to see us through all of these. But what does it really mean to stand in faith or to keep the faith? Listen to this message for a greater understanding of how you can take His Word and stand on it as a promise for your life.

The Faith to Stand

We will all encounter tough opposition at times in our lives. The life of faith requires something from us - it requires everything. We can always expect conflict as we choose to stand in the faith. How you respond during difficult times, or moments of crisis, will speak volumes to all who are around us. Conflict is the catalyst for our growth. It is time for us to stand strong.

Love is the Main Thing

Pastor Michael shares a message about love.

Jude - Part 2

Pastor Jeremy Hargis breaks down Jude verse by verse


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