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Pastor Michael B Knight concludes the series Trusting After the Tree

The Refuge - Part 3

There are three things that God wants you to experience when you are in the midst of trials, in the midst of growth, in the midst of creating order out of chaos. Pastor Andrew uses the account of Cain and Abel in this teaching to show us the necessity of refuge. Each day we have an opportunity to experience the Glory of God, to allow Him to lead us and inspire us. How do we make the right choice?

The Good Life - Part 2

Pastor Michael continues talking about how to take the kid out of the king. Childish behavior is what keeps us from victory. The way that we think and speak makes all the difference in the world.

Trending - Part 1

Pastor Michael shares about Iran and how it relates to the Bible in the last days in this new series called Trending.

Promises of God in Your Life

God has very specific promises for you, but you cannot obtain these blessings without the presence of God. Pastor Andrew Harris uses the story of Abraham and Sarah to teach us very practical concepts of how to apply your faith as you wait for your promise.

During barren seasons, you will have a choice to self-medicate or stand in expectation of God. He can give a revelation to unlock what is keeping you from your victory if you will seek after Him. He has so much more for you, if you would just believe, hope, have faith and have a greater expectation.

God has more abundance for us in this life but many people are living beneath what God has in store for you. Pastor Andrews shares 3 components to lift off the heaviness of life as he teaches from Genesis 29:9-20. 

What is God Like?

There is not just one method of discovering holiness. Allowing God to engage in our brokenness gives us a greater depth of who God is and makes us stronger as we fail forward. God is more merciful and loving towards us than we can ever really imagine. True divine transformation takes place in dark places.

Characters of God - Part 3

What does it mean to be blessed and to be a blessing? It is not so simplistic. The word blessing has much depth and significance. Pastor Michael breaks down this word and challenges us to grasp a hold to the meaning so that we can all live a blessed life.

Be Still

Pastor Mark Knight encourages us with a challenging message.

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