Covenant Community Church

Stand Still

If you have been asking God what to do because you feel stressed, trapped, incomplete and you are contemplating quitting or running away - then this message is for you.

It's Not About You

Pastor Mark Knight encourages us to engage and participate in His army by changing the atmosphere to expose the enemy in our life, homes, church, and our world.

Satan's greatest plan is to divide the church and in the last days he will lead many people to refuse to lay aside their offense, have no power for self-control, and people will be untamed like animals. 

Giants come to intimidate you but you are given opportunities to be delivered and set free. Victory is definitely a process that you have to go through. So don't quit. God has created you to be a champion and in the midst of the process of obtaining victory, you will be made great if you continue pursuing after God.

This message is an encouraging warning to all Christians. Satan desires to keep you out of heaven. You'll never know his entire plan, but you can learn to identify the hook.

God has a specific time for your victory and you must position yourself in order to obtain greater victories. Find out more in this teaching.

Battles are designed to stretch us and strengthen us. We must be careful how and why we make decisions in the middle of a storm. Find out how you can prevent the enemy from coming in and taking over your life. #WinningTheBattleCCC

The most difficult and dangerous times when facing a battle is in the middle. Find out how to get through your next battle.

Don't fall prey to his tactics. Arm yourself with the Word and His knowledge so that you can be an effective and powerful Christian.

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