Covenant Community Church

Limitless Life - Part 2

Everyone has fallen. God's love comes to restore His people who are damaged and are not living as they should. God wants us to stop laboring. We are His trophies of grace...find out more in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

When God Touches

What do you do when your life becomes muddy? 


Often times throughout your life, you will find yourself in a place of bewilderment. Andrew Harris encourages us with the ministry of hope that is available to all who seek to find it. 

Increase My Joy - Part 3

There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and when He answers your long awaited prayer request. Find out how breakthrough comes in your life in this teaching.


Are you hoping something new, something different? If you are, then this is the message that you need to hear! 

Special Guest, Fred Gross, a Holocaust survivor, tells shares his personal story.

Faithful - Part 2 - Sept 25, 2016

Have you ended up in a place where you never expected? Have you had circumstances in life rattle you and take you by surprise? Has something caused your faith to be shaken? You are not alone. Pastor Jeremy teaches us how to prevail and overcome in those times when our emotions want to take over and steer us away from God's truth and promises.

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