Covenant Community Church

Living the Story of the Lifetime

Special guest David Welday delivered a message to families to help parents raise children to discover God's purpose for their lives, know His presence in their lives and experience His power flowing through their lives. Let your refining moments become your defining moments.

The Bible has a lot to say about what God expects out of His children. It is time for men to rise up and be the courageous Christian examples that they were created to be by God. In this broken society, we must build up our boys to be mature masculine men who are devoted to prayer and the scriptures.

Building Strong Families

Do you want to have a family that is rich in faith? There is nothing more important that establishing the Gospel in our homes. Find out how to get your family to heaven in this teaching.

Family Dinner Table

We have access to the Father's house as a family member, giving us the ability to invite others to dine along with us.


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