Covenant Community Church

Keep it Together - Part 2

Pastor Andrew Harris teaches on how to build sacred families by using the account of Mary and Martha to demonstrate the difference between two different mindsets and how Jesus responds to them.

Keep it Together - Part 1

Pastor Michael begins a new series to help build solid families. In this series, we will learn how to solve conflict, solve our busy calendars, build sacred, and finally how to build solid Christ-centered lives.

Thanksgiving Service - Nov 26, 2019

Pastor Michael shares the history of Thanksgiving and what it really means.

What is a Man? - June 16, 2019

Society is only as strong as its men. Pastor Michael shares what scripture has to say about the man's role in the family. 

Marriage - Part 1

You will never understand your walk with God until you understand marriage in the Bible. Join us for part one of Marriage to build a framework of marriage for your relationship with God.

CCC Student Ministry Night

CCC Student Pastors passionately give you an insight into their ministries and their plans for 2018.

Peace on Earth - Part 5

Christmas started in Genesis and it has the best theology in the entire Bible. Find out more in this teaching.

Peace on Earth - Part 2

Go on a journey into the home of a Jewish Family and learn about Shabbat Shalom and how you can incorporate peace on earth right at your family table,

Peace on Earth - Part 1

Pastor Michael unpacks the significance of food and dining at a table as it relates to healthy Christian families.

Living the Story of the Lifetime

Special guest David Welday delivered a message to families to help parents raise children to discover God's purpose for their lives, know His presence in their lives and experience His power flowing through their lives. Let your refining moments become your defining moments.


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