Covenant Community Church

Second Coming - Part 3

Pastor Michael concludes his teaching on the second coming.

Second Coming - Part 2

God can't change the fake you, but satan will surely use it as a weapon against you.

Second Coming

God's goal for all of the chaos in the world is the second coming.

City on a Hill - Part 3

America has lost its way. Satan is dividing our great nation. What is the church to do?

City on a Hill - Part 2

Jeremy Hargis challenges us to break down the walls and be the light that God has called us to spread the Gospel to the world. We are God's plan for reaching people who are lost. We are the city on a hill.

City on a Hill - Part 1

God has specific plans for nations, leaders, and its citizens. Find out what God has to say about what a great country looks like in this teaching. #cityonahillccc

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