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The Refuge - Part 3

There are three things that God wants you to experience when you are in the midst of trials, in the midst of growth, in the midst of creating order out of chaos. Pastor Andrew uses the account of Cain and Abel in this teaching to show us the necessity of refuge. Each day we have an opportunity to experience the Glory of God, to allow Him to lead us and inspire us. How do we make the right choice?

The Bible has a lot to say about what God expects out of His children. It is time for men to rise up and be the courageous Christian examples that they were created to be by God. In this broken society, we must build up our boys to be mature masculine men who are devoted to prayer and the scriptures.

This message is an encouraging warning to all Christians. Satan desires to keep you out of heaven. You'll never know his entire plan, but you can learn to identify the hook.

Lessons From Rahab

We can all connect with the story of Rahab, a person saved by grace and welcomed into the family of God despite her past. Jennie Knight shares three spiritual truths that we can take and apply as we learn these valuable and life changing lessons from Rahab.

Friend of God

What does it mean to be a friend of God? We dig into the Bible to see what it means and how you can make God your personal friend. There is a level of intimacy that is required in your relationship with Jesus. Find out more in this teaching by Jeremy Hargis.

God is never surprised by our circumstances. Dr. James Javis, a special guest, shares 6 key principles to help us when we don't understand what is happening so that we can stand strong during whatever comes our way.

The enemy presses us in order to distract us, keep us busy, and away from God's presence. In this teaching, Pastor Donnie uses the story of Samson to show us how things can get out of hand when we choose to listen and be consumed by the noise of this world.

How to Please God

Pastor Michael shares a little from his experience in Jerusalem and how it is easy to do the right thing and not please God - there is a way to please God... find out more in this teaching.

Jude - Part 2

Pastor Jeremy Hargis breaks down Jude verse by verse


Jeremy Hargis breaks down Jude verse by verse


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