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Tree of Zoe - Part 3

Pastor Michael gives us 12 checkpoints of maturity in a Christian.

Pastor Michael lays the foundation of this new Wednesday night series to help you find your purpose. Everyone has gifts and everyone must know what they are called to do. There is nothing more powerful, effective, or beautiful than a church that works right. For a church to work right, the body must know what their gifts are.

Tree of Zoe - Part 1

What does it mean to be mature? What causes growth in Christ and what anchors us? What does it mean to be stable where emotions can't guide your walk in this life? In this teaching, Dr. Michael B. Knight will answer these questions as well as to help us understand the three steps to maturity: to have deep roots, to have spiritual intimacy, and Biblical knowledge that is applied.

Psalm 1

Pastor Andrew Harris unpacks Psalm 1 to inspire us to draw closer to God and reflect His image.

Pastor Michael uses this message to begin to answer the question, what is truth? Over the next three weeks, he will dive into the difficult topics that are trending in our culture right now to give us the tools we need to respond and help our children navigate these topics.

Two Estranged Sons

Pastor Andrew Harris breaks down the parable of the prodigal son allowing us to take a deep look into the character and behavior of each son and also of the loving father. This story gives us the opportunity of identifying our own areas of weakness to encourage us to grow spiritually.

Be Still

Pastor Mark Knight encourages us with a challenging message.

Continue in the study of the Apostle John with Marshall Clark.

in-depth look into the life of the Apostle John


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