Covenant Community Church

Faithful - Oct 9, 2016

If you are questioning God when the winds blow it is probably due to unbelief or doubt. Find out how you can overcome and be victorious.

Faithful - Part 3

Will you be faithful to God after He has blessed you? Will you remain disciplined to Him after you receive your blessing? It is important to remain faithful when you are given more opportunities and you have more choices in life. Find out why in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

Faithful - Part 2 - Sept 25, 2016

Have you ended up in a place where you never expected? Have you had circumstances in life rattle you and take you by surprise? Has something caused your faith to be shaken? You are not alone. Pastor Jeremy teaches us how to prevail and overcome in those times when our emotions want to take over and steer us away from God's truth and promises.

Faithful - Part 1

There are different emotions and phases that we must all go through when we in the battle of faith. Pastor Andrew Harris shares these phases and emotions while encouraging you to create space in your heart for God to fill you and make you stronger.

God has a specific time for your victory and you must position yourself in order to obtain greater victories. Find out more in this teaching.

Battles are designed to stretch us and strengthen us. We must be careful how and why we make decisions in the middle of a storm. Find out how you can prevent the enemy from coming in and taking over your life. #WinningTheBattleCCC

The most difficult and dangerous times when facing a battle is in the middle. Find out how to get through your next battle.

Second Coming - Part 3

Pastor Michael concludes his teaching on the second coming.

Second Coming - Part 2

God can't change the fake you, but satan will surely use it as a weapon against you.

Second Coming

God's goal for all of the chaos in the world is the second coming.


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