Covenant Community Church

There are types and shadows in the tabernacle of what our relationship with God should look like. God wants to take you from where you are today and progress further, but there are requirements for a good relationship with God. Find out how to draw more intimate with God and increase your relationship with Him.

There is a way to do the right thing and do it the wrong way. It is so easy to come to church, to pray, live a clean life offering sacrifices to God and still be lost in the house of God. Doing the right thing the wrong way can lead you to live a miserable life. There is hope. Find out how to live in God's house and be able to find your way to heaven in this teaching.

As we travel through this journey to love God and to show others love we have to look at love and truly define what it is and what it is not. There are depths to love that we must analyze in order to truly accept it and express it.

In a world where people want to eliminate the word Christmas, Pastor Michael, breaks down the true meaning of Christmas.

There are many people that are missing Christmas this year. There are many people that have allowed the cares and worries of this world to choke Christmas out of their lives. Pastor Michael breaks down Matthew 2 and details the three different types of people that miss Christmas.

Pastor Michael shares archeological proof of Luke 2 in this message.

Rediscover the wonder of the manger in this Christmas series.

How Do You Know - Part 1

Pastor Michael teaches on how to know the Bible is total truth.

Discipleship isn't just one thing....there are several aspects of being a disciple and Pastor Michael breaks it down using Deut 6. Also study these scriptures: Psalms 19, 119, Provers 2, 3, & 4 - all of these chapters describe how to pursue the principles of biblical living and how to apply those principles to contemporary living.

Pastor Jeremy Hargis continues in the teaching of what it means to be a disciple, focusing on the 5th dimension: Pursue biblical principles for living. He helps us understand that a true disciple of Christ has a passion for understanding how the Bible has relevance in contemporary issues and how to apply it to our lives today.

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