Covenant Community Church

Crossfit - Part 3

Masculinity is being attacked in our culture on a daily basis. Pastor Michael encourages men and fathers to be the strong leaders that God has created them to be.

Crossfit - Part 2

There is nothing more powerful than keeping a pure heart. Pastor Michael tackles the issues of what keeps your heart unhealthy in the second part message of our Crossfit series. 

Crossfit - Part 1

Learn the key strategy to attaining victory in this message by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

The Good Life - Part 6

Be encouraged. God has infused us with inner strength to accomplish everything that we were designed to do in this life.

The Good Life - Part 4

The doctrine of love is the most difficult to understand. Find out what it means in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

The Good Life - Part 2

Pastor Michael continues talking about how to take the kid out of the king. Childish behavior is what keeps us from victory. The way that we think and speak makes all the difference in the world.

The Good Life - Part 1

Is life not reaching your expected results? Are you feeling stuck or victimized? What is keeping you from experiencing the favor of God in your life? Find out how to remove the barriers of success from your life in this teaching.

Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 6

Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 5

God wants you to know that He is able to deliver you.

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