Covenant Community Church

There is a way to do the right thing and do it the wrong way. It is so easy to come to church, to pray, live a clean life offering sacrifices to God and still be lost in the house of God. Doing the right thing the wrong way can lead you to live a miserable life. There is hope. Find out how to live in God's house and be able to find your way to heaven in this teaching.

How to Please God

Pastor Michael shares a little from his experience in Jerusalem and how it is easy to do the right thing and not please God - there is a way to please God... find out more in this teaching.

High Octane - Love is a Means

As a Christian, we have an obligation to respond back to God for all that He has done for us. We must make it our constant driving goal to always draw closer to Him. But how do we get closer to God? It's not about what we do, our performance... It's time to step out of isolation and walk into His love. Find out more in this teaching by Pastor Andrew Harris.

There are types and shadows in the tabernacle of what our relationship with God should look like. God wants to take you from where you are today and progress further, but there are requirements for a good relationship with God. Find out how to draw more intimate with God and increase your relationship with Him.

God expects for us to live a life that celebrates what He did for us; a life of character. Personal holiness brings us closer to God. In this teaching, Pastor Michael explains what holiness is and what it is not.

Many people never experience God because they abuse grace and misunderstand His anointing. Find out more in this teaching.

In a world where people want to eliminate the word Christmas, Pastor Michael, breaks down the true meaning of Christmas.

There are many people that are missing Christmas this year. There are many people that have allowed the cares and worries of this world to choke Christmas out of their lives. Pastor Michael breaks down Matthew 2 and details the three different types of people that miss Christmas.

Jude - Part 2

Pastor Jeremy Hargis breaks down Jude verse by verse

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