Covenant Community Church

Red Letters - Part 1

The red letters when originally spoken were interweaving Judaism into Christianity and building a foundation for us today. These New Testament words unlock what we now know as Christian principles through the lens of Jewish culture. Go on this journey to reveal the mysteries of His words and gain an understanding of how to apply them to your life today.

The Teachings of Jesus - Part 2

Join us in this teaching to encounter Jesus.

Red Letters - Intro

All throughout the Bible, there is a key and there is a common denominator between trials and testing and breakthrough. Listen to this message to find the answer.

The Teachings of Jesus - Part 1

Join us for a journey to explore and focus on the teachings of Jesus.

How Did We Get Our Bible - Part 12

Pastor Michael shares the history of different Bible translations.

Pastor Michael lays out the vision strategy, plans, and goals for 2019.

Increase My Joy -Part 4

Increase My Joy - Part 3

There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and when He answers your long awaited prayer request. Find out how breakthrough comes in your life in this teaching.

Increase My Joy - Part 2

Andrew Harris shares personal real-life examples showing us how to build our lives on the foundation of the Gospel message in order to find and discover the pathway to producing unending joy in our lives.

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