Covenant Community Church

Study of Judas

Pastor Michael does a character study on Judas.

Experience the Majesty of Easter

Experience the Majesty of Easter as Pastor Michael Knight takes you on a journey from the events leading up to the cross all the way to the cathedrals built to represent Him and His Majesty to today.

Living Water

Jeremy Hargis shares an encouraging message from John 5.


Often times throughout your life, you will find yourself in a place of bewilderment. Andrew Harris encourages us with the ministry of hope that is available to all who seek to find it. 

Christianity does not eliminate our weaknesses. God wants us to fully comprehend that you do not have to be perfect to be accepted by Him.

Find out how to live for God on Monday and the importance and value of having a quiet time.

Red Letters - Part 7

Pastor Michael begins a new series on how to live successfully for God and how to break the strongholds that keep us in bondage.

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