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Increase My Joy -Part 4

Increase My Joy - Part 3

There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and when He answers your long awaited prayer request. Find out how breakthrough comes in your life in this teaching.

Increase My Joy - Part 2

Andrew Harris shares personal real-life examples showing us how to build our lives on the foundation of the Gospel message in order to find and discover the pathway to producing unending joy in our lives.

Increase My Joy - Part 1

There is no greater joy in the world that in knowing why you are here. Find out the 10 steps to discovering your purpose here on earth. 

Marriage - Part 4

When you understand the meaning of agape (love), you will understand the meaning of intimacy. Find out more about desire, love, and intimacy in this teaching.

Marriage - Part 3

Pastor Michael breaks down the components of a Jewish wedding to help us understand how it relates to the coming of Christ. This teaching causes us to reflect and prepare ourselves as we await His glorious return.

Marriage - Part 2

Find out how to build an incredible marriage and build a home that satan cannot divide. In this teaching, Pastor Michael discusses the differences between men and woman and how they each communicate. 

Marriage - Part 1

You will never understand your walk with God until you understand marriage in the Bible. Join us for part one of Marriage to build a framework of marriage for your relationship with God.

Pastor Michael B Knight concludes the series Trusting After the Tree

Pastor Michael teaches about living out of the overflow.

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