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Is God Kind?

We have a tendency to believe that God is mad at us or that He is mean and temperamental. We read into who He is based on our own feelings and experiences, but is that who God really is? Is God kind or is He angry? Do we really know who He is?

What is God Like?

There is not just one method of discovering holiness. Allowing God to engage in our brokenness gives us a greater depth of who God is and makes us stronger as we fail forward. God is more merciful and loving towards us than we can ever really imagine. True divine transformation takes place in dark places.

The Faith to Stand

We will all encounter tough opposition at times in our lives. The life of faith requires something from us - it requires everything. We can always expect conflict as we choose to stand in the faith. How you respond during difficult times, or moments of crisis, will speak volumes to all who are around us. Conflict is the catalyst for our growth. It is time for us to stand strong.

The Refuge - Part 3

There are three things that God wants you to experience when you are in the midst of trials, in the midst of growth, in the midst of creating order out of chaos. Pastor Andrew uses the account of Cain and Abel in this teaching to show us the necessity of refuge. Each day we have an opportunity to experience the Glory of God, to allow Him to lead us and inspire us. How do we make the right choice?

The Bible has a lot to say about what God expects out of His children. It is time for men to rise up and be the courageous Christian examples that they were created to be by God. In this broken society, we must build up our boys to be mature masculine men who are devoted to prayer and the scriptures.

The Refuge - Part 2

The arch enemy in our lives is obligation and busyness. Pastor Andrew Harris continues to break down how problems, chaos, and even growth challenges us to solve the problems of life. How we choose to respond to these issues will directly impact our emotional, spiritual, and mental stability and affect our relationship with Christ and others.

Characters of God - Part 3

What does it mean to be blessed and to be a blessing? It is not so simplistic. The word blessing has much depth and significance. Pastor Michael breaks down this word and challenges us to grasp a hold to the meaning so that we can all live a blessed life.

The Refuge: The Source of Strength

God is not interested in idleness. Whether we realize it or not we are in a constant cycle of growth and everything in this world is fighting against us. With all of this chaos, it is easy to remain idle, but God is calling us to greater things. He wants us to have a daily pursuit of Him not just for times of crisis - but for the everyday growth in our lives- the everyday struggles and challenges.

During troubled times, we must have the power of the Holy Spirit, a supernatural touch from God to get us through and to be strengthened. Believing in God is not enough when you are going through troubled times, you must have an intimate encounter and connection with God.

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