Covenant Community Church

Simplify - Part 2

Ryan Gibson uses a clip from Bill Hybel's teaching and a clip from War Room to illustrate the importance of scheduling our time with God before anything else and as we do that we will grow closer to God and have a more powerful prayer life. #simplifyccc

Family Matters - Part 4

The busyness of life can produce exhaustion, bitterness, stress, and choke out the passion and love in our homes.

Simplify - Part 1

How do you simplify your life in this busy world?

Family Matters - Part 3

Find out in this teaching the right way to "fight" with the opposite sex. #FamilyCCC

Identity Crisis

Our identity is constantly being attacked by satan.

Family Matters - Part 2

There will be chaos and confusion when we do not operate in or understand the ways to love the opposite sex.

Family Dinner Table

We have access to the Father's house as a family member, giving us the ability to invite others to dine along with us.

Family Matters

. Find out what God expects our homes to look like. #FamilyCCC