Covenant Community Church

The most difficult and dangerous times when facing a battle is in the middle. Find out how to get through your next battle.

Special Guest RT Kendall speaks on true and complete forgiveness

God's Not Dead

Students pastors share testimonies from their ministries.

Second Coming - Part 3

Pastor Michael concludes his teaching on the second coming.

Simplify - Part 7

Pastor Michael shares on how to guard your life concerning investing into other people.

Second Coming - Part 2

God can't change the fake you, but satan will surely use it as a weapon against you.

simplify - Part 6

Fear is the fundamental barrier to peace.

Second Coming

God's goal for all of the chaos in the world is the second coming.

Simplify - Part 5

Pastor Michael continues the Simplify series teaching on the 6 principles of forgiveness.

City on a Hill - Part 3

America has lost its way. Satan is dividing our great nation. What is the church to do?