Covenant Community Church

In the midst of trouble, you don't have time to wrestle with's not the time to figure out what you believe. It's time to take an inventory of yourself. In this teaching, Pastor Michael teaches 4 important steps that you must take in a season of troubled times.

This message is an encouraging warning to all Christians. Satan desires to keep you out of heaven. You'll never know his entire plan, but you can learn to identify the hook.

Friend of God

What does it mean to be a friend of God? We dig into the Bible to see what it means and how you can make God your personal friend. There is a level of intimacy that is required in your relationship with Jesus. Find out more in this teaching by Jeremy Hargis.

Lessons From Rahab

We can all connect with the story of Rahab, a person saved by grace and welcomed into the family of God despite her past. Jennie Knight shares three spiritual truths that we can take and apply as we learn these valuable and life changing lessons from Rahab.

Building Strong Families

Do you want to have a family that is rich in faith? There is nothing more important that establishing the Gospel in our homes. Find out how to get your family to heaven in this teaching.

God is never surprised by our circumstances. Dr. James Javis, a special guest, shares 6 key principles to help us when we don't understand what is happening so that we can stand strong during whatever comes our way.

The enemy presses us in order to distract us, keep us busy, and away from God's presence. In this teaching, Pastor Donnie uses the story of Samson to show us how things can get out of hand when we choose to listen and be consumed by the noise of this world.

Answering really tough questions like: why does God allow evil? Why is there so much suffering? Find out the answers from this teaching that was shared this Easter.

As we travel through this journey to love God and to show others love we have to look at love and truly define what it is and what it is not. There are depths to love that we must analyze in order to truly accept it and express it.

There is a way to do the right thing and do it the wrong way. It is so easy to come to church, to pray, live a clean life offering sacrifices to God and still be lost in the house of God. Doing the right thing the wrong way can lead you to live a miserable life. There is hope. Find out how to live in God's house and be able to find your way to heaven in this teaching.

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