Covenant Community Church

Chase the Lion - Part 1

God is able to defeat the lion that you are facing. In 2020 God wants to increase our spirit of expectation and He wants you to know that what you cannot do in the natural, He can do in the supernatural.

Stand Still

If you have been asking God what to do because you feel stressed, trapped, incomplete and you are contemplating quitting or running away - then this message is for you.

Pastor Michael uses the Grinch to compares worry to happiness giving habits that we can incorporate to live a happy, worry-free life.

Prophecies of Christmas

Why is loneliness humiliating to us? Find out in this teaching why it is not good for us to be alone.

Pastor Michael makes references to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie to illustrate a sermon about how to share the Gospel in our families and in our community. (movie clips have been removed from the audio due to copyrights).

Thanksgiving Service - Nov 26, 2019

Pastor Michael shares the history of Thanksgiving and what it really means.

God and Money - Part 2

Pastor Michael breaks down tithing and giving.

Pastor Michael lays out what it means to be a neighbor in a church, in your city, and in the marketplace.

God and Money - Part 1

Pastor Andrew lays the foundation for this new series and talks about the deceitfulness of money.

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