Covenant Community Church

During barren seasons, you will have a choice to self-medicate or stand in expectation of God. He can give a revelation to unlock what is keeping you from your victory if you will seek after Him. He has so much more for you, if you would just believe, hope, have faith and have a greater expectation.

Giants come to intimidate you but you are given opportunities to be delivered and set free. Victory is definitely a process that you have to go through. So don't quit. God has created you to be a champion and in the midst of the process of obtaining victory, you will be made great if you continue pursuing after God.

Glorious Unfolding - Part 1

Have you been through a battle and are now weary? Perhaps it is a battle that you didn't choose or deserve... either way, God has placed hope in you and He has made a way for you to get from this to that. Don't get caught up in bitterness, anger or in brokenness. God has a way out for you.

Holiness vs Grace - Part 7

Pastor Jeremy Hargis concludes the series of Holiness vs Grace

Holiness vs Grace - Part 6

Pastor Michael continues teaching the comparison between Arminianism vs Calvinism

Holiness vs Grace - Part 5

Pastor Michael continues teaching on Arminianism which teaches that God has simply decreed to save all who believe in Christ.

Holiness Vs Grace - Part 4

Pastor Michael continues explaining the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism

Pastor Michael continues teaching on the difference between Calvinism vs Arminianism

What does apostacy mean? What does it mean to be backslidden? Can someone lose their salvation? Find the answers to these questions in this teaching by Pastor Michael Knight.

Holiness vs Grace - Part 1

Pastor Michael begins to lay the framework to answer the questions - can we lose our salvation? Do we really have free will or are we predestined? Can you live any way that you want and still get into heaven? In an in-depth comparison between Arminianism vs. Calvinism, this series will help you understand what you believe...because it really matters.


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