Covenant Community Church

Pastor Michael continues teaching on the difference between Calvinism vs Arminianism

New Season - Part 2

Life is full of seasons in the natural and in the spiritual. It takes faith to transition from one season into the next season. How do you get out? Pastor Michael shares 3 things that we must understand in order to transition into the next season of our lives.

What does apostacy mean? What does it mean to be backslidden? Can someone lose their salvation? Find the answers to these questions in this teaching by Pastor Michael Knight.

New Season

God wants to a do a new thing in you but before He can, you have to take 3 steps in order to enter into a new season.

Holiness vs Grace - Part 1

Pastor Michael begins to lay the framework to answer the questions - can we lose our salvation? Do we really have free will or are we predestined? Can you live any way that you want and still get into heaven? In an in-depth comparison between Arminianism vs. Calvinism, this series will help you understand what you believe...because it really matters.

Pastor Michael shares seven things that you must do to be successful in your life.

Abiding in Joy

Learn how to have joy in your life through all of your circumstances.

Remaining Faithful

Pastor Michael shares insightful steps to take when you are being tested and when you are being accused by the enemy. Sometimes God calms the storms but sometimes He calms you through the storm to strengthen you. God isn't intimated by your circumstances but He does want you to always remain faithful.

What does it mean to trust God? Pastor Michael breaks down 7 things that we can do in order to trust a kind and loving God.

Is God Kind?

We have a tendency to believe that God is mad at us or that He is mean and temperamental. We read into who He is based on our own feelings and experiences, but is that who God really is? Is God kind or is He angry? Do we really know who He is?

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