Covenant Community Church

Peace on Earth - Part 2

Go on a journey into the home of a Jewish Family and learn about Shabbat Shalom and how you can incorporate peace on earth right at your family table,

Satan's greatest plan is to divide the church and in the last days he will lead many people to refuse to lay aside their offense, have no power for self-control, and people will be untamed like animals. 

Peace on Earth - Part 1

Pastor Michael unpacks the significance of food and dining at a table as it relates to healthy Christian families.

Living the Story of the Lifetime

Special guest David Welday delivered a message to families to help parents raise children to discover God's purpose for their lives, know His presence in their lives and experience His power flowing through their lives. Let your refining moments become your defining moments.

Being Seated With Christ

You will behave how you believe. Therefore, Your behavior is linked to your thought life. We must understand our position - we are seated in Christ.

Greater Gospel Awareness

Many of us have great intentions to establish our household and our lives in solid Christian roots, but our execution of those intentions sometimes fall short. Pastor Andrew recounts the awakening that Zacceaus experienced upon his encounter with Jesus and he challenges us to live contrary to expected responses in a life full of faith. Let his story inspire you today.

God wants us to present our bodies to Him. The mismanagement of our bodies will hurt us. Our bodies are not our own. Why does care about what we do with our physical bodies here on earth? Find out in this teaching...

Glorious Unfolding - Part 4

The enemy tries to take our identity to keep us manipulated and abused. We have to accept responsibility for our decisions in order to live in victory and access an extraordinary future.

During barren seasons, you will have a choice to self-medicate or stand in expectation of God. He can give a revelation to unlock what is keeping you from your victory if you will seek after Him. He has so much more for you, if you would just believe, hope, have faith and have a greater expectation.

In the Last Days - Part 1

There is a great harvest and a great falling away in the last days. Find out more about the last days from Pastor Michael.

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