Covenant Community Church

Trusting After the Tree - Part 2

Pastor Michael shares tools for understanding prayer and intercession.

Do you trust God? Do you want to trust God more? Do you want to trust Him about something? What does trust look like? Find out in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

Wounds - Part 3

How close are you to God? Do your emotions get the best of you? Experience true healing and understand that it is through faith that you will win the battle.

Wounds - Part 2

Victory comes in many different ways. If you want to be healed and truly changed, there are three things that you must discover. Find out how to set yourself up for a successful life in this teaching.


Are you hoping something new, something different? If you are, then this is the message that you need to hear! 

Wounds - Part 1

Do you want healing and help in getting it? This teaching is your road to discovering how to obtain true and lasting healing.

Crossfit - Part 6

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