Covenant Community Church

Family Matters - Part 5

Dad's are crucial to families.

Family Matters - Part 4

The busyness of life can produce exhaustion, bitterness, stress, and choke out the passion and love in our homes.

Family Matters - Part 3

Find out in this teaching the right way to "fight" with the opposite sex. #FamilyCCC

Family Matters - Part 2

There will be chaos and confusion when we do not operate in or understand the ways to love the opposite sex.

Family Matters

. Find out what God expects our homes to look like. #FamilyCCC

Grace - Part 4

Jesus came to radically redefine what being saved by grace meant in a culture of shame and honor where one would be indebted for life for a small amount of grace.

Grace - Part 3

When reading about grace it might be difficult for westerners to fully comprehend it

Grace - Part 2

We have all failed and fallen short. God doesn't see our acts, but the acts of Jesus on our behalf.


There are 4 lies that the enemy will tell you to keep you in bondage and God's plan for you is that you recognize it so that you can be free from believing those lies and to be free and free indeed.


Water baptism is the outward declaration of what God has already done on the inside of us. It is the marking of our identity; letting the world know that we have made a decision to live for Christ and that we have made Jesus the Lord of our lives. Dr. Michael B. Knight explains our belief system on water baptism and the importance of it in our Christian lives.


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