Covenant Community Church

The Salt of the Earth

What does it mean to be the salt of the earth? Jeremy Hargis breaks it down in such a powerful yet simple way. 

Mother's Day

Special Guest, Fred Gross, a Holocaust survivor, tells shares his personal story.

The Good Life - Part 5

Changing your words can change your world. Find out why the tongue is so powerful.

In the News - Part 2

What Religion Would Not Touch

Andrew Harris breaks down three accounts in Mark 5 showing us how Jesus healed all of the things that religion would not touch or go near.

Loving God

What is our response to a loving God? Find out in this teaching by Jeremy Hargis.

The Good Life - Part 4

The doctrine of love is the most difficult to understand. Find out what it means in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

The Good Life - Part 3

There is a pathway to greater joy and it takes you to another level of favor with God. Find out why so many people are living beneath His favor and what you can do to obtain it.

In the News

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