Covenant Community Church

The Distinction of Belief

Life is comprised of dualistic tensions - a reality for everyone. Desert-like conditions are a necessity in our lives. Find out why they exist and how they will propel you into blessings and God's promises.

Trusting After the Tree - Part 4

Learn four essentials steps to getting closer to God.

Trusting After the Tree - Part 3

The one who finds life in God finds joy, peace, healthy walk, and lives in God's will. Find out more in this teaching.

Trusting After the Tree - Part 2

Pastor Michael shares tools for understanding prayer and intercession.

Do you trust God? Do you want to trust God more? Do you want to trust Him about something? What does trust look like? Find out in this teaching by Dr. Michael B. Knight.

Wounds - Part 3

How close are you to God? Do your emotions get the best of you? Experience true healing and understand that it is through faith that you will win the battle.

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