Covenant Community Church

Keep it Together - Part 2

Pastor Andrew Harris teaches on how to build sacred families by using the account of Mary and Martha to demonstrate the difference between two different mindsets and how Jesus responds to them.

Keep it Together - Part 1

Pastor Michael begins a new series to help build solid families. In this series, we will learn how to solve conflict, solve our busy calendars, build sacred, and finally how to build solid Christ-centered lives.

The Second Coming - Part 4

Pastor Michael will go deeper in the coming weeks to the future of eschatology, signs of the times, the concept of the rapture, the rise of the antichrist and the Antichrist, and the keys to Revelation on understanding the patterns.

Chase the Lion - Part 5

How do you trust God when everything looks impossible? Pastor Michael answers this question as it relates to the story of Benaiah from 2 Samuel 23:20.

The Second Coming - Part 3

Marshall continues speaking about the rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Chase the Lion - Part 4

Andrew Harris breaks down the account of Benaiah from 2 Sam 23:19-21. He shares three standout characteristics to help us apply the Biblical truths found in Benaiah's life.

The Second Coming - Part 2

Pastor Michael continues talking about the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Chase the Lion - Part 3

Pastor Michael shares on how God is light.

The Second Coming - Part 1

Pastor Michael Knight begins the conversation of The Second Coming.

Chase the Lion - Part 2

What do you do when it is so dark and all you can see is faith? Can you trust God without knowledge? In this teaching, Dr. Michael B. Knight lays a foundation for us to understand that in the darkness we can thrive while we hope and wait for the moment of victory to come.

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