Covenant Community Church

Find out how to live for God on Monday and the importance and value of having a quiet time.

Pastor Michael begins a new series on how to live successfully for God and how to break the strongholds that keep us in bondage.

Red Letters - Part 7

Red Letters - Part 6

Red Letters - Part 5

Digging deep into the red letters with Pastor Michael B. Knight

Red Letters - Part 4

Marshall Clark breaks down what it means to be characterized by God.

Red Letters - Part 3

@MichaelBKnight breaks down several scriptures to help you understand scriptures.

Red Letters - Part 2

Follow Pastor Michael on a journey as he digs deep into the Red Letters. 

Red Letters - Part 1

The red letters when originally spoken were interweaving Judaism into Christianity and building a foundation for us today. These New Testament words unlock what we now know as Christian principles through the lens of Jewish culture. Go on this journey to reveal the mysteries of His words and gain an understanding of how to apply them to your life today.

Red Letters - Intro

All throughout the Bible, there is a key and there is a common denominator between trials and testing and breakthrough. Listen to this message to find the answer.

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